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Medabots Starter Deck Box

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It's time to Robattle! The Medabots Trading Card Game lets you take control of the Medabot robots from the cool animated TV show and Robattle in your living room. The Medabots Trading Card Game is a great way to prove that you're a Robattle Champion.

The game is about controlling an entire team of Medabots and Medafighters to win battles. Each Medabot has different moves on the battlefield so it's like playing chess against your opponent. Plus, you can use Medafighters to help out with special powers to boost your Medabots and win!

The Medabots Trading Card Game is a fun way to Robattle against your friends. The only bummer about the game is that if someone has a ton of Medabots they can use all the best ones and really squish new players.

Inhoud: 10 starterdecks.



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